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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tips for Lateral Hip Pain

runningDo  you get hip pain while running? That annoying pain when running can be so annoying and can strike at any time.  Do you wonder what is causing this lateral hip pain?  Everyone is different but there is a few conditions that can cause a lateral hip pain.   Some of those conditions include bursitis, IT band syndrome, gluteus muscle problems and others.   If you are experiencing hip pain, it is important to have it looked at to get the proper diagnosis.  The proper diagnosis is key for the right treatment.   So with that being said, here are some tips to try at home to help reduce or prevent lateral hip pain:

1.  Ice or Heat.  “PRICES” or “RICE” which is protect, rest, ice, compression, elevation, and support.  Ice for 20 minutes at a time and do not put ice directly on skin.  Wrap it in a towel or on top of clothing.  Remember to use ice for acute injuries to help reduce swelling and or pain.  Heat is primarily used for muscles but try to use a moist heat instead of a heating pad to help the muscles.

2.  Stretch.  Make sure to stretch your psoas, gluteus muscles, IT band, and other deep hip muscles.  There are many different stretching techniques.  For example, static vs dynamic stretching is important. Dynamic stretching should be used during warm up and before a activity as where static stretching may be more useful after exercise. Do not forget about foam rolling, which is underutilized.

3.  Let your food be thy medicine.   If you eat junk while you are in pain, then your body will not be able to heal itself and you do not feel the greatest.   If you eat better, you usually feel better too. Remember, if you eat the right foods,  it will help your body get the proper nutrition it needs in order to heal. When trying to heal, try sticking with lean protein, leafy veggies and berry fruits.

4.  Make sure to have proper shoe wear.  You are on your feet so much that we need to make sure that they are supported properly so that your knees and hips do not have to compensate for other problems.  An orthotic insert in your shoes can be beneficial, especially if you have flat feet, pronation of your feet, or plantar fasciitis.  Remember your feet are like the foundation of your house. If there is something wrong with your feet, it can affect your knees or hips.

5. Get evaluated by a professional.  As professionals, we are able to look at your body as a whole and look at different things that may be causing the pain. As a chiropractor, an adjustment can be done to make sure you are properly aligned and no stress in on your joints. Furthermore, reviewing your gait is an essential part of healing hip pain.  If you don’t have the proper gait, it can lead to hip problems along with other issues.  Gait should be like the following: heel strike, mid stance, toe off, then swing phase. Any issues with these phases can lead to longer term problems.   Proper alignment of toes forward, knees over toes and hips remaining level is a simple version of what proper gait should look like.

6.  Lastly, follow recommendations.  If you do not change, the problems will keep coming back.   The pain may come and go but it can lead to other problems later on.

Have you been evaluated? A preventative screening is just as important as when you have pain. We hope you enjoyed these tips but remember to see a professional for proper evaluation and care if pain persists.   The doctors at Fletcher Chiropractic has years of experience treating injuries just like this. We are just a call away.

Benefits of Good Posture

Bad posture versus good postureStatistics show that over 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, many as a result of poor posture. You probably remember being told to “sit up straight” as a kid in school, but what about now, as an adult? Many of us work in offices where we sit behind a desk all day, which makes it easy to fall into the habit of slouching. Bad posture is a common cause of back pain and can make sitting, standing, and other movements very painful. Good posture is defined as the “position (that) creates the least amount of strain on supporting muscles and ligaments when you move or perform weight-bearing activity,” and holds many added health benefits:

  • Facilitates proper breathing. Good posture helps to open the airways, which allows more oxygen to flow through the cardiopulmonary system. From here, the blood is able to carry more oxygen throughout the body, ensuring that other body systems function properly.
  • Reduced neck and back pain. Slouching puts a strain on the muscles and ligaments that support the body, which causes you to feel pain in the neck and back areas. Having good posture alleviates this strain and will reduce or even eliminate back and neck pain.
  • Look and feel better. Good posture makes the body appear taller, slimmer, and more confident. In fact, research proves that good posture makes one feel more confident too. A study done at Ohio State University found that people sitting upright felt more confident in their thoughts, while people who were slouched over felt unsure of themselves.
  • Lose weight and strengthen your core. Sitting or standing upright all day can actually burn up to 350 calories. Additionally, good posture allows core muscles to work better and more efficiently.
  • Increases concentration and improve brain function. When you slouch, your body takes in up to 30% less oxygen than it would if you were sitting upright. This deficit of oxygen makes you feel tired and makes it difficult to concentrate.
  • Improves mood. Because your body receives more oxygen when in an upright position, you’re likely to feel more energized. High energy levels are linked to positive thoughts and a better mood.
  • Prevents future health issues. Having good posture helps decrease the amount of abnormal wearing on joint surfaces and prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions. These reduce a person’s risk of back and neck injury/conditions.

When it comes down to it, improving your posture means improving the quality of your life. If you work in an office, consider a standing desk as an option to keep you from slouching in a chair, or force yourself into the correct position until it becomes natural for you. Regular chiropractic adjustments have been proven to naturally improve the body’s posture and relieve you from nagging neck and back pain. For an appointment, call Fletcher Chiropractic today!
Source: http://www.uprightpose.com/blog-10-proven-benefits-of-good-posture/


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