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Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Sacroiliac Joint

sacroiliac jointDid you know that you have a joint in your body called the “sacroiliac joint”? Did you know that you actually have two of them?

Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t know the answers to the above questions – in all honesty, the majority of the general population has no idea what a sacroiliac joint is…unless, of course, they’re one of the unlucky individuals that have had problems with one or both these joints. Then they know EXACTLY what the sacroiliac (aka, SI) joints are and how much SI joint dysfunction can disrupt your life.

Okay…so, let’s back up just a bit. The sacroiliac joints are large synovial joints of the pelvis and are located where the sacrum (the triangular bone at the very base of the spine) and the two pelvic bones (the ilia) meet. The SI joints are crucial, weight-bearing joints and play a huge role in the stability of the pelvis, and they also move just a bit to allow for proper body mechanics when you’re walking or running. Because of all of this, they can easily be affected by injury or overexertion.

The sacroiliac joints are surrounded by tough, fibrous ligaments, which is one of the main ways they contribute to pelvic stability. However, if one of those ligaments becomes strained, you’ll likely feel the pain directly over the SI joint – something you probably didn’t even know you had until reading this. If these ligaments are strained routinely, the can begin to lose a bit of their structural integrity, making the joint unstable. Since the SI joints work in tandem, if one of them becomes unstable, the other can become restricted in its movement and function.

On top of all of this (figuratively and literally) is the spine, which is dependent upon the proper function of the SI joints. If one or both of the SI joints isn’t functioning as it should, it’s quite possible that the sacrum is being forced out of its normal position. When this happens, lower back pain and strain can result.

SI joint pain isn’t typically subtle, so if you’re having a problem with that area, your body is going to let you know about it. The biggest clue is pain directly over the joint, and is usually on just one side. The pain can be due to an inflammation of the joint itself or due to strained ligaments in the area. SI joint pain can also mimic the pain experienced with sciatica or a lower back disc herniation, which can sometimes make diagnosis difficult for providers who are not well versed in the mechanics of the spine and pelvis.

So what should you do if you’re experiencing SI joint pain? Come and see us! There is a multitude of adjustments and therapies we can try to help relieve you of your pain and to restore normal function to the area. SI joint dysfunction is one of the many areas that the providers here at Fletcher Chiropractic specialize in. Fletcher Chiropractic is your tried and true expert when it comes to getting you back on your feet and pain-free!


‘Tis the Season…For Allergies, That Is

allergiesEven though spring is no longer in the air, pollen and ragweed (and the like) still are, and will continue to be for quite some time. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who deals with chronic itchy, watery, swollen eyes and congestion, sneezing, etc., you’re probably very well attuned to the daily struggle that allergies can cause.

Seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever, affect millions of people each and every year. These allergies develop when our bodies, for whatever reason, become hypersensitive to the environment around us. What do we mean when we say “hypersensitive”? Basically it means that the individual suffering from the hypersensitivity is reacting to a substance that is considered harmless to most other people. The result for many, however, is nothing short of sheer misery.

So what causes this “hypersensitivity” and the resulting allergic reactions? Your immune system, which exists to recognize and remove harmful substances from your body, reacts to the substance and interprets it as being harmful. The resulting inflammation, sneezing, runny nose, etc. is your immune system’s way of trying to expel these “dangerous substances” from your body.

Unfortunately, no one knows for sure why some people wind up becoming allergic to certain substances while others do not. What we do know is that when an allergic reaction begins, it’s due to the body activating certain immune cells, known as mast cells. These cells have special receptors on their surface that work to recognize substances that could be considered either harmful or helpful to a body. When these mast cells detect a “harmful” substance, they release histamines, or chemicals that cause you to react by sneezing, coughing, etc., to rid the offending substance from your body.

There’s no doubting that things like seasonal allergies can wreak havoc on your life. While some medications can help relieve the symptoms of hay fever, they are by no means a cure. If you’re fed up with seasonal allergies making you miserable and don’t want to take medication (or have tried it without success), give us a call. The providers at Fletcher Chiropractic located in Lincoln, Nebraska have experience in treating a wide variety ailments, including hay fever!


Sunscreen and Bug Spray- Hello Summer

Hello everyone! It’s summertime and all that hot weather outside can be exhausting but enjoyable. With this time of year, especially this year, we have been hearing and telling a lot of people to do a few things this summer, two specifically.  Drinking a lot of water is always sound advice but not what we want to mention today. What are those two things, you might ask?  It would be to protect yourself with sunscreen and some bug protection.  let’s examine the two topics of sunscreen and bug spray today. Let’s start with protection from those summer bugs.

Bug protection

I know the bugs have not been out in full force yet this year and hopefully, we will not see that many here in the land of the good life, Nebraska. However, there has been much concern and talk about the Zika Virus now a days.  This is one reason why it is important to wear bug spray or use some sort of bug protection.  The Zika Virus is transmitted from a mosquito bite but it can be transmitted sexually too.  The common symptoms of Zika Virus include: redness in eyes, joint pain, fatigue, fever, and rash, which can last a couple of days to a week.  If someone is pregnant and contracts the Zika Virus, it may and can cause some brain defects to the fetus.

Bug spray that has DEET or Picaridin in it is what the CDC recommends. They both seem to be the most effective.  Other protective mechanisms would be long-sleeved shirts and pants when around standing water.  With the use of bug spray and summer comes the other important issue of sunscreen usage.


We do need some sun to get our Vitamin D daily. However, you only need to be out in the sun without protection for about 15-20 minutes to get the full benefits.  After that amount of time, you can injure your skin.  This is why we recommend using sunscreen if you are going to be outside for a long time.  Using it helps to protect your skin and can even have an anti-aging effect.   You should reapply sunscreen every few hours after working out in the sun but need to reapply sunscreen every hour while swimming and exercise.  Apply the sunscreen to anywhere that will be visible to the sun or clouds and layer it on thick when rubbing it in.

You want a sunscreen that protects you from both UV-A & B  rays and as at least an SPF 15 rating.  Make sure to read the label of anything that you put on your skin. This is just as a precaution for allergies and expired products.   Price for sunscreen shouldn’t be a determining factor.  Buy one that gives the protection you need.  Sunscreen is important but also try to protect yourself with a hat and protective clothing if you can, even lay under a tropical umbrella for some shade.

Have fun in the summer heat and enjoy the sunshine but protect yourself and your loved ones. Fletcher Chiropractic is here with helpful information for you so that you can live a healthy happy life.



www.CDC.gov/zika, www.WEBMD.com


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