At Fletcher Chiropractic, we believe in treating the entire family. From newborns to seniors, we’re passionate about offering chiropractic care to treat numerous conditions.


We value our patients’ experience at Fletcher Chiropractic.

If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

Drs. Curtis and Kadi Fletcher, your Lincoln Chiropractors

“I was a couch potato because I was limited to what activities I could and couldn’t do. After starting care, my foot drop is slowly improving and I am able to move better. It is a slow process but I think the acupuncture is really helping.” S.C.

“I have been living with chronic lower back pain for years- maybe forty years.  Several years ago an MRI revealed advanced arthritis of the spine. The condition seemed to deteriorate over the last few years. I’d find it particularly difficult to engage in any activity that required bending, lifting, or stopping for any length of time. My first waking realization each morning would be an aching back.  Long automobile trips would cause stiffness and sharp pains. I guess I’d decided that I would just have to tolerate the condition.” Following treatment: “Over the past month, I’ve been a patient at Fletcher Chiropractic.  To date, I’ve had three treatments and the fourth is scheduled for this week.  The good news is that after receiving the very first treatment, I’ve experienced absolutely no pain in my lower back. Waking up in the mornings, driving the car, working in the yard, I’ve had no issues with pain whatsoever. I’ve been quite amazed and grateful to be rid of this nemesis.  I don’t know yet if the condition will require long-term treatments for pain management but I will figure that out over time.  But, at least, I now know that there is no reason for me to live with chronic pain that restricts my activities and tends to make me feel much older than my seventy years.” R.E.

“I was unable to turn my neck without pain.” Following treatment: ” I can turn my neck without pain and I have increased range of motion.” A.B.

” I am in pretty good shape from running but I has bad back pain.” Following treatment: ” My back is much better. I have no pain during running anymore.”  Margaret S.

“I was in a mental fog.  I couldn’t think or concentrate and was not doing well.”  Following acupuncture treatment: “I am much better. My mind is clear and my work performance has improved.” Julie A.

“I am very active but hampered by lower back pain.  It prohibited me from participating in firefighter training.  Following Treatment: ” I am back to doing everything I love without the restriction of pain. Fletcher Chiropractic taught me how to prevent this injury from slowing me down, and it works out great so far.” Jason K.

“I experienced chronic pain in my right foot from heel spurs.  Orthotics were not enough to correct the problem.  After 6 months of not sleeping well and associated problems of fatigue, I sought help at Fletcher Chiropractic.  Following Treatment: ” After 2 months of treatment, I am unbelievably improved.  I was able to sleep after 2 treatments.  The exercises prescribed have definitely helped the plantar fasciitis and thus relieved the heel spur pain.  I am very thankful that Fletcher Chiropractic was recommended to me.  Thank you, Dr. Kadi!   Deborah S.

“I stopped doing things I enjoyed, like working out.  I felt limited in my activities and sleeping was becoming an issue with my neck pain.”  Following treatment: “Its so much better. I can workout, take long walks, ride bikes with my son, and not be limited by neck/back pain.  Dr. Kadi has shown me exercises to build muscle and that has made a huge difference, it’s also something my previous chiropractor never addressed.”   Julie Z.

“My pain has been with me since 1996 and my feet and legs were totally painful.  Walking is like walking on glass or nails and then the burning pain in my toes would start.” Following acupuncture treatment: ” I have no pain like before.  My toes move more and without pain.  Most of the time I am pain free and no more walking on glass feeling.”   Linda F.

“Working with Dr. Kadi has changed my life. Before going to her, I was stiff and had pain in my neck, back, hips, legs and feet.”  Following Treatment: “Working problem areas and doing exercises she has given me has improved my mobility a great deal.  My life is improving. I am able to enjoy activities that I have to give up in the past.  My outlook on life has become more positive.  I have more hope for the future.  Dr. Kadi has saved my life.”    Matthew H.

“Life was very painful.  I never felt good and medications really have not helped.”  Following Treatment: “I am much improved but I still recognize my limitations and I need to make more lifestyle changes to make things easier for me. The therapy here I find to be an overall approach and I would highly recommend the services of Fletcher Chiropractic to all fibromyalgia patients and chronic pain sufferers. My overall well being feels better.  I feel the best I have felt in a long, long time. Take away the medications and give me the therapy.”    Sharon G.

“Life was good but my condition was bad.  I lead a very active lifestyle with weightlifting, judo, etc and along with my job, the pressure on my back was incredible.  My movement was restricted and the things I enjoyed doing were very limited. Following Treatment: “Since chiropractic care, my back is world’s better. My movement, pain, flexibility and quality of life is better.  Life is good with a chiropractor who is willing to invest the time to ensure that I am doing better with each visit.”    Kenji M.

“Life was manageable.  As a runner, I was able to run without issue, but not without tightness and occasional pain.  Throughout the day, perhaps 2-3 days a week, my knee, calf, and shin experienced significant tightness.  Occasionally it was painful, but not to the point where it caused an alteration of activity.  Following Treatment: “Since starting care, my life/condition is significantly better.  My hips and legs are noticeably looser, and although not entirely pain free, it has been days since I noticed any pain in the calf or behind the knee, and over a week and a half since I have had any issues in the shin.  In addition, I have noticed my posture in my daily ‘life’ (desk work) has improved, likely due to the hip, neck and back adjustments.  As interesting as it sounds, I highly recommend chiropractic care for those who think they don’t need treatment.  I was one of those people.  41 years old, could run everyday, why would I need any form of chiropractic care? However, after only a few weeks, reduced aches and pains, increased flexibility, and improved performance demonstrates that I made the right decision to come in for that first appointment.”     Steve C.

“Being from a small town, I love mom and pop shops.  I like the personal level and hands-on approach that Fletcher Chiropractic takes when it comes to chiropractic care. Fletcher Chiropractic was very personable and very good at finding the issues that needs work.  Add in their expert knowledge and passion and what they do is above average.  I am young and do not necessarily need to be adjusted in all areas.  Instead of trying to search out and find everything, they focused on what really mattered and educated me on a very personal level.  Dr. Curtis spoke in a language I could understand and did so in an encouraging fashion.  As a whole, Fletcher Chiropractic is always dedicating/volunteering their expertise all around the community and that again reminds me of a small town feeling.”   Austin P.