If you suffer from lower back pain, you have lots of company. Millions of Americans experience severe lower back pain, and it’s chronic for 20% of those affected. While it’s a common ailment, no one suspects their feet as the culprit.

It may not be obvious, but our backs and feet are more connected than we think. If you have feet or ankle issues, it’s crucial to address them immediately as they can compromise your spine’s health. Here are all the methods our feet can cause back pain.

Pinched or Compressed Sciatic Nerve

Many medical conditions can cause pain in both feet and the lower back, and a pinched sciatic nerve is one of them. The sciatic nerve is made up of five nerves, extending from the lower section of the spine to the legs. When there’s pinching or compression along the sciatic nerve, it’s common to feel pain in your lower back that radiates down to your legs and feet.

Not Wearing Proper Footwear

Appearance is often the first thing people consider when buying shoes. However, it’s also vital to choose ones that are comfortable and provide adequate support. Certain styles can look great on the feet but can cause back pain. Heels can be particularly damaging due to its height and lack of support leading to incorrect posture and strain on the lower back.

Feet Injury or Deformity

When your feet are injured, it can be painful to put pressure on them and walk normally. Most people will alter their walking patterns to avoid pain or discomfort. However, it can also change how your lower body moves, putting more weight on your hips and causing lower back pain. It’s the same issue with feet deformities like bunions. They can lead to shifts in weight distribution and misalignments in the spine.

Flat Foot

Flat foot is a condition that causes the feet to have minimal to no visible arch. When people with flat feet stand, there’s no gap between their feet and the ground. While it isn’t an issue for most people, it can be troubling for some. The feet can have difficulty absorbing shock and will try to redistribute it, causing the legs to rotate inward and the lower back to curve. Lower back pain can develop over time as a result.

Under and Overpronation

Under and over pronation are common issues with the feet that can cause back pain. With underpronation, your feet turn out excessively while you’re walking or running, while

overpronation means your feet turn inwards. Both conditions can cause a misalignment in the hips and spine and lead to lower back pain.

How to Prevent Back Pain Caused by Your Feet

Proper footwear can help prevent foot-related back pain, especially if you walk, run, or do other sports regularly. Find shoes that provide ample arch support so your spine can stay aligned as you move around. In addition, the footwear should have enough cushion to absorb shock and protect your lower back. You can also visit your chiropractor, chiropractic adjustments can help relieve back pain and improve spinal mobility.

The Bottom Line

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, you can seek the help of a chiropractor. They can pinpoint the root of the problem, whether it’s your feet or other issues, and give you the proper treatment. For more information, contact Fletcher Chiropractic at 402-261-5766.