LOGO-Fletcher-ChiroWith Valentine’s Day approaching fast,  I thought I would write from the heart.  I became a chiropractor for personal reasons as is the same story for other chiropractors I know, including my wife, so I wanted to tell my story today. When I was younger, I always knew my parents and grandparents went to the chiropractor but I had no clue what they did while they were there.  My first personal experience with chiropractic happened when I was about 15 years old.  I was playing high school sports and started to have low back pain. You didn’t need to be a doctor to see that my pelvis was uneven and I walked slightly weird. I went to one of the chiropractors in my home town and with exam and x-rays, showed me how my pelvis was un-level. He then treated me with adjustments. I got better quickly and I was amazed how much it helped and became interested in what chiropractic was.

Leap frog a few years, I was in undergraduate college and had to choose someone to do an internship with a health care professional for class.  The first one that came to mind was my hometown chiropractor who helped me years earlier.  That internship basically reaffirmed my interest in chiropractic and what it does for people. I loved meeting all the different people and watching how the chiropractor helped so many people and different conditions.   After my internship, I decided I would apply to Cleveland University- Chiropractic College in Kansas City.  I was so excited when I was accepted in May 2009.

When I got there, I had no idea about all the different classes you have to take.  Everything from cadaver labs for learning anatomy to nutrition classes to business classes. We literally took 30 plus credit hours a trimester and every anatomy/physiology class I had heard of.  We became masters of learning of what goes where and bio-mechanical movements to learning ways to treat medical issues besides the bio-mechanical ones. I was given great opportunities to help people in all walks of life, from the school clinic to the free clinic in KCMO to my preceptor office here in Nebraska and I totally loved it. I get to help people get out of pain but also start new healthier habits through education and lifestyle choices.

As I graduated and got out on my own with my wife, Dr. Kadi, I learned that you have to sometimes be a jack of all trades when starting your own practice, teaching people what it is you do, and who you are. Yes, I am a doctor of chiropractor after 8 years of school but I am also the cleaner, the cook, the secretary, and sometimes the mean guy who has to tell it to you straight.  However, I love what I do because there is never a dull moment and everyday is different.  I get to see people get better everyday and regain their lives and activities pain-free.  However, sometimes it is aggravating that many people still don’t know what chiropractic can do or they think it is a little taboo/voodoo, but it really isn’t.  Ask me any day of the week,  I can show you research, tell you what we do, and what I don’t do.  Chiropractic is about correcting the muscles and joints of the body to allow your body to heal itself.  It is  not a quick fix sometimes but it depends on what condition you have and how you react to treatment. Everyone is different which that is the great thing about what I do because everyday is not the same.   I can usually help someone whatever the condition they are going through or at least point them in the right direction.   Progress is progress, even if it is slower at times.

So this is a little about my story and why I am a chiropractor.  I enjoy helping people discover a pain free and improved healthier life.  At Fletcher Chiropractic, we look at you as a whole, using chiropractic, exercise, muscle therapy, nutrition, and acupuncture.  This will lead to you getting better, learning about what we are doing through education, and to keep you in motion.   Give us a call if you think we can be of some help and if you have any questions. (402) 261-5766