scale-webIt’s March, and we are hoping that you are still sticking with your New Year’s Resolution to loose weight and get healthier in 2015! However, if you’ve been trying to loose weight for the past couple of months, and have not been successful, we want to help you! Not only do we provide nutrition counseling that can help you with your diet, health and weight loss goals here at Fletcher Chiropractic, but we provide Chiropractic Care that might be able to help you with your weight loss and health goals as well. We’ve talked about how Chiropractic Care can help with your immune system and overall health, but today, we want to talk about the connection Chiropractic Care has to your weight loss.

When you think of your Chiropractic Care and your overall health, think of your body as a team of bones, organs and tissue all working together. If one of those pieces isn’t working properly, the entire team suffers. (Your team doesn’t have anyone on the bench, after all!) The nervous system is a very big player on your team – it’s the quarterback, the point guard, the pitcher, (pick whichever sport you like best and insert a key player here).

With spinal manipulation, a chiropractic adjustment can help get your nervous system back in line, helping everything else follow suite. Part of weight loss is making sure all the nutrients you take in get to where they need to go in your body. Making sure that your body is aligned and working at full-force, can help to make that happen. When your body is getting what it needs, you are less hungry, lessening the urge to eat more, which in return will help you to loose weight.

At Fletcher Chiropractic, we can help you combine Chiropractic Care, exercise and nutrition to maximize your healthy life style and weight loss. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!