BabyA colicky baby can make even the most seasoned parent feel helpless and, for first-time parents, hopeless. Because of the fact that babies (obviously) can’t use words to let us know how they’re feeling, it becomes infinitely more difficult to figure out what it is that they’re trying to tell us when they cry. And, if the crying continues despite your best efforts – fresh diaper, full tummy, rocked, snuggled, and swaddled – what’s a parent to do?
Lots of parents will do frantic searches on the internet – desperately hoping that Google can provide much needed answers as well as tips for relief. Trips to the pediatrician are made and, barring and obvious illness or injury, parents are sent home with the diagnosis of “colic” or “reflux” and a prescription for pricey medication.
The big question here is – are those your only options?
Here at Fletcher Chiropractic, our answer is a resounding “NO”! Chiropractic care of infants is safe, effective, and natural – in fact, it’s safe for a baby to be adjusted from the day that they’re born. Techniques are modified for their tiny little bodies, allowing for gentle relief.
As we’ve discussed previously, the purpose of chiropractic care is to help your body heal itself. This is done by relieving stress that’s placed on spinal nerves – something that can occur when the spine isn’t functioning correctly. Because the spine houses the spinal cord, a misaligned spine can interfere with your body’s ability to transmit appropriate information to your brain and, since our central nervous system controls everything in our body (breathing, heartbeat, digestion, etc), it’s imperative that everything be in excellent working order. When stress on spinal nerves is finally relieved, our bodies can function much more efficiently.
When dealing with babies, we are as gentle as can be – so gentle, in fact, that sometimes they fall asleep right there in our arms! As we examine your little one, we’ll check the full length of their spine for any type of misalignment. Once the problem area(s) is located, an adjustment will be performed – sometimes this is such a relief to these tiny patients of ours that you can almost see them relax as everything realigns.
So next time your little ones are fussy and not feeling their best, give our office a call and see how our doctors can help you and your little one feel better.