Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.32.02 PMWe know how hard it is to be a parent – to worry about your little ones day in and day out. When they’re healthy and everything is going great, that worry can often times ebb into the background. But, when our littles are hurt or not feeling well, that worry is back, front and center.

When new mom, Lacy, came to us last year with her three month old son, we were ready to help. Her little guy was dealing with some pretty significant reflux (any parent who’s dealt with that knows just how difficult it can be) and, while the treatments his pediatrician had prescribed were helping some, it was clear that he still wasn’t “100%”. With that said, here’s what Lacy had to say about their experience here at Fletcher Chiropractic:

“When my baby was only a few months old, he was diagnosed with reflux – which was explained to me, very simply, as baby heartburn. We tried different feeding techniques, different positions after feedings and some very expensive medicine. Some things seemed to help a little for a while, but nothing really seemed to give my baby true comfort. He was hurting, he was fussy, he didn’t sleep much, he spit up all the time… We were all very tired, cranky and short on clean clothes.

I had heard about chiropractic care in babies and a co-worker of mine highly recommended Curtis and Kadi. I reached out to them and asked if they thought they could help my son. Kadi was very informative and helpful. I set up an appointment, cautiously optimistic.

During our appointment, Kadi was great with my son. He didn’t want to hold still, but she dealt with his squirminess and altered how she held him to adjust him accordingly. She was incredibly gentle and talked me through the whole thing. She told me right away that she found where his spine was misaligned was and how it would explain the issues he was having. Still hopeful yet slightly skeptical, I waited while she continued to work on his back, gently rubbing his spine and manipulating the alignment. There was a very, very quite pop (I really couldn’t hear it, I just remember her telling me she could) and as she opened her mouth to say she’d got it, he spit up, then looked at me and smiled. I knew just looking at that smile that it was one of relief. At that moment, any doubt I had, went away. I took him back for one more adjustment a couple weeks later, and he was a whole new baby. It was amazing.

Any time since that I’ve heard of a baby with reflux, I make sure to tell the parents, “I know it sounds crazy, but try taking them to a chiropractor.” I was a little skeptical, so I understand if you are, too. But I promise, I wish I would have done it sooner so that my baby could have been in pain for less time and we could have started getting to know our sweet, fun child that we know now, sooner.

Thank you so much Kadi and Curtis! I am so happy we came to you and so grateful for your guidance and help!”

We’re so very happy that we were able to help Lacy’s little guy out! If you have a little one who’s dealing with reflux, please don’t hesitate to give Fletcher Chiropractic in Lincoln, Nebraska, a call!