Every year people start making their resolutions. Some choose to save more money, to start exercising, or to hit the gym. Why not make 2018 the year of the healthy back? A lot of people complain about back pain and then do nothing about it. Here are a few tips to get your back into shape and eliminate back pain in 2018:


One of the top things you can do for your back health is to set up an ergonomic workstation. Sitting all day is bad for your back, so sitting up straight, changing positions frequently, and getting up and walking around is essential for a healthy back. When sitting make sure your feet are flat on the floor, knees and hips level, sit up and keep the spine straight, adjust any computer screen to be at eye level and keep your monitor at arm’s length. 

Stay active

Staying active is key to having a healthy back and a healthy life. Make a point to exercise at least 30 mins a day, 3 times a week.

Watch your mobile device usage

With smartphones and tablets, more and more people are complaining about neck and back pain. This is because people are constantly looking down at their phones! When possible, sit up when using mobile devices and keep them at chest or eye level. This will prevent neck and back strain from staring down all day.

Hold your kids correctly!

When you have small kids, they always want to be held. While they seem small they can be surprisingly heavy and put stress on your body! When picking up your kids bend and waist, and lift with your legs, not your back (sound familiar?). If you carry your child on one side with one arm, alternate sides frequently to avoid straining one side of your body. If your baby is still breastfeeding or bottle feeding, prop a pillow under your arm for comfortable feeding times.

Make 2018 the year you have a healthy back! If you get chiropractic care and stick to some of these simple guidelines, you will be amazed how great your back will feel, and as a result, your whole body will feel amazing!