Most of us have heard of hyperextension but do we really know what this injury is? Each of our joints has a set range of motion, which allows them to operate and function properly. There are some activities that, when we participate in them, cause the joint to overextend and which means a hyperextension injury is often the result. 

What is Hyperextension?

The joints in your body tend to have a set range of motion, such as folding your arm to your shoulder or extending it outwards. This range of motion also exists within your knees, hips, and shoulders. 

Hyperextension can occur in any joint, although it is most common in the knee, elbow, finger, neck, shoulder, and ankle. Hyperextension can range from mild to severe. Mild injuries heal quickly but still need care, while the more severe injuries often need treatment from a physician.

Hyperextension means that a joint has been forced to move beyond its normal range of motion. When this happens, there can be damaged tissues around the joint, and in a more severe case, the ligaments in this joint might stretch or tear. This can cause the joints to become unstable and increase the risk of other injuries such as dislocation.  

So how can chiropractic care help with this?

Hyperextension and Chiropractic Care

In many cases with Hypertension, Chiropractic care has proven to be an effective route of treatment. The severity of the injury is often what determines the treatment. In many cases – especially with more minor injuries, hyperextension is treated by icing the area, which is followed up by resting or immobilizing the joint. 

However, the more severe cases of hyperextension often cause chronic joint pain after treatment. These injuries, such as whiplash, can become incapacitating and lead to chronic neck pain, shoulder and upper back pain, lower back pain, headaches, and fatigue. 

It is in cases such as these that chiropractic treatment can be helpful in reducing the pain of the injury but also in facilitating the healing process and regaining the full range of motion to the injured joint. There are various forms of chiropractic treatment that are used to help restore the normal positioning of the joints that are affected by hyperextension, the most common being spinal or joint manipulation.


If you have sustained hyperextension injuries and are still suffering from the pain that is often caused by them, consider giving Fletcher Chiropractic a call today! Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care!