tick on a plant

‘Tis the season for hotter weather, being that it is basically summer and we will be outside more.  We go biking, riding, camping, fishing, golfing, going to baseball games, etc.  I am sure we all do more activities outside in the better spring and summer weather.  However, there is something that we need to watch for when being outside and that is ticks.

Ticks are basically looking for a host to get blood for food, long story short.  Most of the time you won’t even feel the tick on you because they are sneaky. When they attach, their saliva has analgesic properties that doesn’t allow you to feel it bite on, so be careful.  Ha, I did remember something from zoology! I have seen this topic on the news lately but I have had a few people ask about ticks lately.  So here are some great tips for helping to decrease your chance of a chance encounter with a tick.

When you go outside, expect to find ticks especially with outdoor activities. Ticks like wooded areas and are common place at lakes and ponds.  Try to use a natural or regular insect repellent to help protect yourself.  Try to avoid tall grass and heavily wooded areas because you can find ticks there plus maybe snakes too.  I strongly dislike snakes.  There are also repellents that you can get specifically for clothing and shoe wear.  It is a good idea to wear a ball cap to protect your head. Wear long sleeves and jeans if working in tall grass.

When you come back inside, make sure to check yourself and your clothing for ticks.  Check everywhere on your body and they are usually pretty easy to spot, but they can be small babies so be through.  You might need someone to help you especially if you have one in your hair but that being said, make sure to check your ears, back and belly button, too- just as an example.  Remember, they can go anywhere.

If you have foundbulls eye rash- lyme disease a tick, pull it straight out with tweezers and as close to the skin as possible.  Then make sure you  watch for signs of an illness like a fever or a rash. Look especially for the bull’s eye rash and it doesn’t have to be in the location of the tick bite.  We do not want you to get a tick borne illness such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever, based on your location.  Ticks can spread 14 different diseases. If you have any doubt or questions, call your local healthcare provider.

Some tips for the home is to do the basics when it comes to landscaping.  Do not let your grass near your recreation area get too terribly tall and no brush around the house.  This would go for stacked firewood too.  You can also spray your yard with an insecticide repellent or you can find some natural alternatives too.  Also try to discourage deer from entering your yard during this time of year because they are a carrier for ticks usually.  However, this might be different story during hunting season.    Finally, make sure to contact your local veterinarian or store about different things to protect your pets from ticks.

So watch out for them this spring and summer and if you have any questions, contact your local primary care provider.  You can also find information on CDC website. We are always on the lookout of important information and to advise our clients on healthy and wellness topics. At Fletcher Chiropractic, we care about the whole you- body, mind and soul.

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