We know that it’s that time of year, where many of you are making the New Years Resolution to eat healthier, exercise more and of course, lose weight. It’s all good in theory, and many start strong, but after a couple of weeks, or even a month or two, it’s gotten harder than you thought and you’re ready to throw in the towel. So, we want to give you 5 easy things you can do to help you lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle in 2018.

aigua1. Drink lots of water!
We know that everyone knows this is important, but do you know how important it is? Water can help your body flush the bad toxins in your body and help get that good nutrients to where it needs to go! This helps you improve your overall health and can greatly help with weight loss as well! Try drinking about 100 ounces of water each day! (We know it’s a lot, but it will help fight hunger and after about two-three weeks, your body will crave that water and you won’t know how you survived on less before!)

2. Get your rest!
Make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Yes, it will leave you well-rested the next day, and yes, it will improve your overall health, but getting enough sleep can actually help you lose weight as well! When you’re body is well-rested it can do everything it’s supposed to better, including burning those calories!

3. Snack Less
Be mindful of your snacking habits. Try to pack a couple healthy snacks for yourself every day. Schedule those snack times and try to cut out any other snacking. Eating small snacks in between meals can help you fight hunger, keep you from over-eating during meal times, and help boost your metabolism, but too much snacking and snacking on unhealthy foods will just add more empty calories to your diet and lessen the chances of you losing weight.

4. Switch to Whole Grains
You may think it tastes a little different at first, but there are many great recipes out there that can get you started until you acquire the taste for whole grains. Processed foods contain less nutrients and more empty calories. Eating whole grains can get your body what it needs, leaving you more satisfied after meals.

5. Exercise
This is one that we know a lot of people have a hard time sticking to. So, instead of trying to go all out right away, start small. Try 20 minutes of walking or jogging every day. Maybe try yoga, dancing or some light cardio. Whatever it is, make it fun, listen to fun music and make sure to skip a day every week to give your body a rest (and to make you feel like you’re cheating a little). Skipping a day is actually one of the most important parts of this. You are not only are you getting a rest, but you’re tricking your body into thinking it doesn’t have to work as hard, just to make it work again the next day. This will help to not get stagnate in your workouts and help you continue to lose weight.

At Fletcher Chiropractic in Lincoln, Nebraska, one of our specialties is Nutrition. We can help you find a nutrition plan that is best for you as well as give you the Chiropractic adjustments you need to make sure you’re body is functioning at full-strength, enabling it to do what it was meant to. Stop by today for a consultation!