You often see professional athletes, gymnasts, dancers, and other people who engage in strenuous physical activity using kinesiology tape on different parts of their bodies. There are many different reasons to use this therapeutic tape and various ways that it works. This blog is going to discuss what kinesiology tape is and the benefits of taping.

What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape is a type of therapeutic adhesive with elastic properties that was developed by a chiropractor named Kenzo Kase. It’s water-resistant and doesn’t limit the range of motion when doing activities, and can even be worn for several days without losing any effectiveness. 

This colorful tape can be used to stimulate or relax muscles depending on the tension that it puts on the body when it is applied. Wearing kinesiology tape assists with lymphatic drainage and helps decrease inflammation and swelling. When used correctly, the adhesive can help reduce inflammation, prevent injury, and promote better circulation.

What Are The Benefits of Kinesiology Taping?

There are many different benefits to taping and it can be beneficial for all ages and activity levels. 

Muscle and Joint Support

One of the most well-known benefits of kinesiology taping is the increase in muscle and joint support it provides. It promotes natural movement and reduces pressure – it also works to help stimulate muscle activity. 

Improving Blood Circulation

If you have already been injured, kinesiology tape can help reduce any swelling that’s a result of the injury. It can improve blood flow and circulation of lymphatic fluids, and also reduce fluid build-up and reducing bruising.

Increases Athletic Performance

Another great benefit of kinesiology tape is the increase in athletic performance. It does this by working to prevent fatigue in the muscle, which aids to prevent injury. The adhesive works to support muscles and tendons, and it can also assist in stabilizing an injured muscle so an athlete can still play on it. 

Reduces Pain

Kinesiology taping can help reduce pain and soreness in your joints. It works by lifting your skin slightly to reduce pressure on any pain receptors under your skin, while aiding in sore muscles or spasms you may get. When you’re using kinesiology tape, you’re creating a lift on your skin that puts less pressure on various pain receptors, which in turn lets your brain read the pain at these pressure points differently. 


Kinesiology taping has many benefits – it is easily applied and can be worn over the course of several days. It helps with reducing pain, increasing athletic performance, improving blood circulation, and muscle and joint support. 

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