You have probably heard a few different words to describe disc related injuries such as a herniated disc or a bulging disc. If you have ever experienced a herniated disc, it is not a fun process. It can cause pain in your back or can symptoms to radiate down your leg.  It may even feel like a bad tightness in your lower leg.  However, there is good news as there are a few effective treatment options for disc injuries.

The discs are the in-between structures between the bones or the vertebrae of your spine.   The discs have a jelly-like filled center called a nucleus pulpous and outer fibers called annular fibrosus.  Its job and purpose is to act like a shock absorber for your spine and vertebrae. Injuries can occur when your spine is placed in an awkward position, when lifting with improper posture or when trauma happens. When the force is too much for the shock to be absorbed, a disc will become injured, causing a bulge or rupture. When this occurs, the disc can push outward and irritate the nerves around the disc issue. In some cases, this can even interfere with the nerves that run into your extremities.   

A herniated disc should be treated with precise, effective care.  Conservative care like chiropractic treatment or physical therapy will generally be tried first when dealing with these injuries. Your chiropractor or medical professional should not hesitate to refer you to a specialist if needed. 


It is a common misconception that a chiropractor will just adjust your disc back into position.   You must treat disc injuries in a certain way to avoid twisting.  Fletcher Chiropractic can help by first completing a through examination to determine the extent of the damage.   Imaging may be also ordered or requested depending on findings found during examination. If imaging already performed, this would be beneficial to bring to your first appointment. Co-treatment is also done at times with your primary care provider or physical therapy provider. 

Chiropractic manipulation is a powerful tool to treating disc issues but we also have specialized tables that help in disc herniation situations. Tables like a flexion-distraction table or a decompression/traction table can be useful for treatment of disc injuries n certain circumstances.  Therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, electric muscle stimulation, and additional therapies like acupuncture may be added to a treatment plan to help aid in reduction of symptoms and improved healing time. This can help the patient achieve their goals in a timely matter.  Herniated discs will not be fixed overnight and they will take time and professional care is helpful for better healing.

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