When autumn comes every year, it can be said it is one of the most beautiful times of the year.  Some would say it is because it is football season (GBR) or in my mind, the cooler temperatures.  I love colder temperatures (just not below freezing) but I love fall the most because the changing of the leaves. It looks amazing outside with all the different colored leaves on trees  and the sounds that come along with harvest starting.  With harvest starting soon, we should all remember to watch out for all the machinery on the roads & in the fields.


In honor of the start of fall, Dr Curtis came up with his Top Ten Activities for fall.

  1.  Enjoy the water.  I say this because being on the water and around the lakes and ponds is beautiful scenery, especially with fall.  With the cooler weather, it helps that the fish start biting a little more and you can go boating. Try kayaking down the Platte or Elkhorn river but watch out for those sandbars.
  2. Eat outside to enjoy the fresh air.  It’s a change of scenery to eat outside and listen to the birds chirp. Enjoy the experience and let that food digest.
  3. Enjoy the wildlife.  This time of year the deer along with other animals start to be a little more active and waterfowl start to make their migration south.  It is always a wonderful thing to see a wild animal out in the wild.Buffalo
  4. Go to the Pumpkin Patch.  It always creates a fond memory to go the pumpkin patch, and pick out your own pumpkin for the fall.  Furthermore,  quite a few pumpkin patches around here do a lot of fun things for Halloween and the fall, most for all ages like corn mazes, apple picking, and etc.
  5. Go for a Hike.  It is good exercise and temperatures are great for being outside.
  6. Go Biking.  Whether it is to go bicycling or riding your Harley, this is perfect time of year to get out and enjoy yourself.  I enjoy bicycling first, it’s a chance to get in some great exercise.
  7. Do some yard work.  Eventually, the downside of fall is the falling of all of those darn leaves.  This is wonderful time though to spend quality time together as a family getting the yard ready for next year like raking up leaves, mowing, packing things away for winter, etc.
  8. After you do some yard work, have a bonfire.  Just make sure it is is safe and follow your city guidelines first.  This is something most do in the fall to get rid of yard waste but it also creates special memories with the family; remember that smoky smell and s’mores.  PS try a Reese’s peanut butter cup instead of a Hershey bar.  You’re welcome!
  9. Try some different “fall” drinks.  There are many different drinks that come up in the fall like a pumpkin spiced latte or coffee but don’t forget the wine, cider, or hot cocoa, based on your preference. Just remember it’s all in moderation.
  10. Golfing is a lot more enjoyable in the cooler weather than the scorching heat.  If you never tried golfing, go give in a try because it can be the most enjoyable or frustrating sport you ever play, especially because of the 6 inches between your ears (it’s a mental game too).  You get to enjoy being outside enjoying nature, looking at the different colored leaves and possibly may have to try to get a Canadian goose away from your golf ball.

These are some of many of the different things that the Dr. Curtis likes to do in the fall.  Go out and get some Vitamin D while the sun is still shining and before that icky white stuff comes in the winter. For other healthy tips or exercise advice, ask the chiropractors at Fletcher Chiropractic. They are always here to help.