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One question, we get asked a lot is “Why do I need an exam?”  That is a very good question.  Anywhere you go whether it is a medical office or chiropractic office, you should have to get an exam as a new patient.  We do an exam to figure out what is wrong with the patient.   In our office, we take your case history first. We go through  your complaints then go into personal history, family history, social history, review so systems, and more.  Afterwards, we will take your vitals, and do orthopedic and neurological tests.  We will also do certain functional tests based on your complaint.  Furthermore, we will do posture checks.  We do not have x-ray in our office but we have it set up through Advanced Medical Imaging.  We do not take x-rays right away unless there is an instance that calls for an  x-ray like an accident, trauma, or major fall.  If this is the case, we refer you out to AMI and they will get the patient in as soon as possible.    So we do the exam to figure out what is wrong with the patient and diagnose them.  This gives us a good idea for treatment recommendations to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and to stabilize the issue.


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