Fireworks are a common sight throughout the summer – especially with the 4th of July quickly approaching. Viewing fireworks can often cause some unexpected neck and back pain due to all the sitting and looking up at the sky. Here are some tips for being able to enjoy fireworks without feeling aches and pains as a result. 

1. Stretch Before

Stretching is always beneficial and allows your body to gain better mobility. This will help reduce any aches and pains and even help prevent injury. Stretching out your back and neck will help reduce any pain you might feel after viewing fireworks. To do stretches, start by tilting your neck forward slowly and then back. Roll your neck to one side and then to the other. Finally, press your shoulder blades back and release. These stretches can help keep those muscles in your neck and shoulders relaxed while watching fireworks. 

2. Use an Adjustable Lawn Chair

Instead of sitting in a basic lawn chair, get one that reclines for viewing fireworks. This small upgrade will help reduce pain in your neck and shoulders. Using a lawn chair that allows you to lean back will be more comfortable for you.

3. Lay Down

Instead of looking up for a long period of time, bring a blanket and lay down to watch the fireworks. This way, you can be looking at the sky without tilting your neck into a position that will cause pain and discomfort later on. 

4. Visit A Chiropractor Afterwards

Visiting a chiropractor after viewing fireworks will help make sure you don’t have any aches or pains after a night of fun. This will help loosen up your muscles and body and prevent any stiffness that could be caused!

In Closing

Fireworks are often a fun summer activity that can cause some neck and back pain. These are a few tips to help reduce the likelihood of this pain. 

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