Your feet are your foundation for your posture. You stand on them all day, but most people don’t think of our feet as a source of unbalance for our body. Read the following patient perspective about her experience on having proper foot support.

“The right shoes are very important to make sure our bodies are feeling good and functioning well in our day-to-day lives. Speaking as someone who has worked in food service and spent hours on my feet, spending the extra money on a good quality pair of shoes makes all the difference in the world. Having adequate arch support and overall foot support makes such a difference at the end of the day compared to wearing crocs, converse sneakers or even your average pair of bland shoes.”

“Having proper arch support can help prevent bunions, or slow their progression, as well as minimize foot, knee and hip/low-back pain. As a teen and young adult, I used to shop for shoes mostly by color and style, (who wouldn’t) and my ankles, knees, feet and low-back would hurt often especially after an eight-hour restaurant shift. Now I have found the wisdom in buying higher quality shoes along with a specialized pair of orthotics. While my problems are not totally solved, they are much improved. I sprain/roll my ankles considerably less than I used to, and most days my knees don’t hurt. Often, I can tell it’s time to get a new pair of shoes when my hips and knees start “going out” more frequently.  If you’re experiencing any of the things I’ve mentioned, I would encourage you to talk with Dr. Kadi or Dr. Curtis about your feet.”

–Anna E.

When looking from a patient’s perspective, shoe choices can be a big part of a bigger problem when and if they don’t support you.   Chiropractors can help you determine what the issue may be like if you are walking like a duck or high/low arches during an examination or are starting to get bunions on your feet.   We can determine postural issues from examination of your feet and how they affect the rest of your alignment from the ground up.  Treatment can include an adjustment or soft tissue treatments for your spine and extremities, depending on what the issue is when identified.  We can recommend different types of shoes that may be better than others for supporting different types of feet structures, as everyone is different. 

We have so many different options for orthotics, which can vary in price.  More customizable orthotic inserts can be ordered for different shoe styles, activity levels, and comfort levels.  We are also able to add heel lifts, Dot fasteners, or even magnets.  You can also get shoes with orthotics built right in.

Crazy to think that something like feet could play such a big part in how our bodies function but think of it like your house. You need to have a good foundation, or your doors won’t hang properly, and your walls will develop cracks. The same idea applies to our bodies and feet.   Give your body a good foundation and the rest will follow.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Fletcher Chiropractic at 402.261.5766 or